• How much does this service cost?
    • It all depends on the kind of work you want, and how quickly you need it done. Please press "order now" button for more information.
  • How do you know exactly what I need written?
    • You must give us as much information about your assignment when you talk to us. The assignment itself, required sources, specifications, even details about the teacher's personality will all help us to craft an exquisite essay for you.
  • What is the payment technique?
    • We generally accept all major credit cards. Once your order is confirmed, your payment will be processed.
  • Is my anonymity and security guaranteed?
    • Absolutely yes. 100%. Your security is our security. We keep things strictly between yourself and us. Nobody else will ever know. Credit card information is heavily encrypted, so that even we have very limited access to your personal information, which we will never share with anybody.
  • What happens if I get the wrong essay, or one with which I am dissatisfied?
    • This has never happened with us. Ever. We totally guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. If by some freak chance you are the first one, we will promptly correct the problem.
  • Is this Plagiarism?
    • Plagiarism involves the theft of somebody else's work. You hire us to write original work for you, and that is exactly what we do. There is nothing plagiaristic about our service.
  • When will I receive my paper?
    • Just as quickly as you would like. You can choose any desired time frame while making order.
  • Should I turn in my paper from Write-My-Essay-For-Me.com exactly as it is written?
    • No, this is a bad idea. The final step of the custom writing process is for you to personalize our essay for you. Without your personal touch, your teacher or professor may think that this is not your work, and you may get in some serious trouble.
  • Will you refund my money if I am dissatisfied?
    • We will revise your paper for you for free. If you are not satisfied with the essay, you can request a refund in writing so long as it is no later than three days after your order was completed.
  • Is your essay due tomorrow?
  • Can't do it overnight?
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